MIDTESOL Interest Sections

MIDTESOL currently offers five Interest Sections (see list below). The Interest Sections are open to any member and are organized around different areas within the field of English language teaching. Members may be involved in more than one Interest Section. Interest Sections hold meetings at the MIDTESOL Conference each year.

As an Interest Section (IS) member, you can receive special notifications from the IS leader and communicate with other IS members. This will also help MIDTESOL tailor the annual  conferences to best meet your needs. To indicate your desire to be a part of an Interest Section, login to our Membership site. On your profile page, click Edit to select an Interest Section under Lists that you would like to be associated with.

Community College / Adult Education Interest Section

MIDTESOL’s Community College / Adult Education Interest Section (CCAEIS) serves the interests of adult students in ESL programs, their teachers, and administrators. CCAEIS tries to bring together knowledge, precepts, and skills of two distinct but compatible areas: adult education and ESL. Teachers of adults with limited English proficiency work in a variety of nontraditional educational settings. Programs are administered by city, state, province, country, federal, and privately funded programs. Organizational structures, standards, and goals follow widely different patterns.

Successful adult educators have had to meet the following challenges:

  • multilevel and multilingual classes
  • irregular attendance of working adult students
  • continuous intake and exit of students
  • students with widely differing educational, social, cultural, and economic backgrounds and ages
  • lack of materials, resources, and equipment
  • low social status in the educational establishment
  • an uninformed public


Elizabeth (Liz) Holloway, Kansas

Elizabeth “Liz” Holloway has an MA in TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA. She has been teaching college-level English as a Second Language since 2001. She is presently teaching ESL at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO. She formerly served as an Assistant Professor and ESOL Coordinator at Kansas City Kansas Community College, Wyandotte County, KS. Before moving to Kansas City, she taught for five years at The ESL Institute at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. She has also been an  ESL instructor at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, PA and Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. Liz has been a member of the International TESOL organization since she was in graduate school and a member of Mid America TESOL since 2011. She has served on the MIDTESOL board since Fall 2015. Liz can be contacted at hollowaye@moval.edu.

Educational Technology Interest Section

MidTesol’s Educational Technology Interest Section promotes the integration of technology while using the TESOL Standards as a foundation for pedagogically sound work. The Ed Tech IS works to develop a personal learning network in educational technology to demonstrate, share, and grow in the field. It is our mission to model effective technology uses and opportunities for members at large while inspiring curiosity and providing support for growth in the field.


summerpeixotoSummer Peixoto, Kansas

Summer Peixoto is currently a lecturer and language lab coordinator in the Applied English Center at the University of Kansas.  She holds a BA in English from Washburn University and an MA in Education with an emphasis in TESOL from the University of Kansas. She has been working with international students for over twelve years, teaching a variety of courses at all skill levels. She has also worked as an English Language Fellow with the US Department of State in Manaus, Brazil where she assisted in teacher training and development programs. Her current professional focus is in Computer Assisted Language Learning. Her special interests include designing and teaching curriculum on using technology to enhance classroom materials and promoting technology to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Contact Summer at summer@ku.edu or visit the group on Facebook.

Katie McClintic, Missouri

Katie has taught ESL in various contexts in Spain, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States. She is currently a lecturer and the technology coordinator at the Center for English Language Learning at the University of Missouri. As lab coordinator, she oversees the scheduling of the center’s dedicated computer lab and lab assistant student workers who staff the lab.  She also conducts in-service teacher training for instructors related to best practices for technology integration in teaching English as a Second Language. Katie is currently pursuing a MEd in Educational Technology, Online Educator emphasis. Her professional interests are focused on the intersection of online/eLearning with second language acquisition/TESOL. She is particularly interested in developing opportunities for English language learning and English teacher training in low-resource areas through the use of technology.

Higher Education / Teacher Training Interest Section

MIDTESOL’s Higher Education / Teacher Training Interest Section (HETTIS) exists to serve the needs of those who work in higher education and/or teacher training. HETTIS advances effective English language instruction, promotes professional standards and practices, influences and supports policies of MIDTESOL and other associations, determines needs in the field and initiates projects to meet such needs, and considers all other matters relevant to ESL in higher education. It also provides a forum for ESOL teacher educators and other MIDTESOL members to raise, discuss, and address issues relevant to the education, preparation, and continuing professional development of teachers who work with ESL learners. It creates opportunities for ESOL teacher educators to learn, interact, collaborate, and share with one another. Visit the group on Facebook here.


sarahspringsteentrumble_editedSarah Springsteen Trumble, Kansas

Sarah Springsteen Trumble came to teaching ESL via the sciences. She began teaching Math and Physics in the U.S. Peace Corps, Tanzania after receiving her B.S. in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Michigan. Following Tanzania, she spent time teaching EFL in South Korea and has never looked back. She got her M.A. in TESOL from SIT Graduate Institute and has taught in the Republic of Georgia and at Al Yamamah University in Saudi Arabia. In the U.S. she has spent time working with visual impaired adult ELLs as well as autistic k-12 students in Phoenix, Arizona. She currently teaches at Washburn University’s IEP in Topeka, Kansas teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. Most recently her project has been to get Washburn’s fledgling TEFL Certificate program off the ground. Contact Sarah at sarah.springsteen@washburn.edu.

mollykelley_editedMolly Kelley, Iowa

Molly Kelley is an ESL teacher and student advocate from Iowa City, Iowa. She received her M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Iowa in 2008. Her professional interests include second language acquisition, creating inclusive classrooms for LGBTQIA students, and adapting popular culture for ESL use. She has taught at the University of Iowa, ALPLA Incorporated, and el Instituto del Progreso Latino. Contact Molly at molly-kelley@uiowa.edu.

Intensive English Program Interest Section

MIDTESOL’s Intensive English Programs Interest Section exists to serve the needs of those who work in intensive English programs (IEPs), which serve students who need to acquire proficiency in English in a relatively short time, usually for academic and career success. The concerns of the membership include methodology, curriculum design, materials development, placement, evaluation, program administration, technology-assisted instruction, English for specific purposes, culture, learners’ concerns, and members’ employment concerns.



K-12 Interest Section

The MIDTESOL K-12 Interest Section (K-12IS) represents kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school teachers and administrators. K-12IS supports children from non-English-speaking backgrounds who enter school (K-12) with a need to acquire fluency in English. The task of K-12IS members is to ensure that K-12 ESL students develop the linguistic, cultural, and cognitive skills necessary for success in an English-speaking context. K-12IS members accomplish this task by facilitating the exchange of information and expertise among teachers and administrators.



janetlowe_editedJanet Lowe, Nebraska

Janet Lowe has been teaching for 30 years and is in her 16th year as an ELL teacher at Linden Elementary School in Fremont, NE.  She has also worked as a school based speech/language pathologist in California, Colorado, and Gering, Nebraska.  In addition, she teaches two ESL courses for both Wayne State College in Wayne NE and Midland University in Fremont.  She was on the team that wrote the first set of ELL standards for the state of Nebraska and was also part of the team that wrote the 3-5 listening section of ELDA.  Most recently she was involved in norm setting for ELPA21.  She has also provided staff development both in Fremont and other districts.  Janet is involved in several non-profit organizations in Fremont.

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