Advocacy & Leadership

Advocacy & Leadership

MIDTESOL advocacy goal statement:

The mission of Mid-America Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages is to strengthen the effective teaching of English in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska to people whose native language is a language other than English while respecting their individual language rights.

In order to achieve this mission, our organization works to educate community member s and policy makers on how decisions affect English language learners and their educators.  This education can come in many forms, including:

  • visiting elected officials to share the impact of policies on students and educators
  • sharing statistics, research, and other information via social media, in-person, email, or other platforms
  • inviting elected officials to visit schools and programs to see the impacts of policies, first-hand
  • emailing, calling, or otherwise contacting elected officials to share the impact of policies on students and educators

MIDTESOL will not initiate a call for action on introduced legislation or a pending regulation, nor will MIDTESOL ask or expect members or legislators to vote for or against, or amend, introduced legislation.


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