Want to get your product, event, or service in front of a highly targeted, engaged audience? MIDTESOL.org now accepts sponsorships!


MIDTESOL.org readers are primarily professionals seeking information relevant to teaching, assisting and advocating for non-native English speakers.

  • 1200 visitors/mo
  • spend an average of 1 minute 40 seconds on site
  • 635 members
  • 700 annual conference attendees

Ad Specifications

  • Ads are served in the right sidebar and appear on every page of MIDTESOL.org.
  • May not exceed 300 pixels wide or 250 pixels tall.
  • Ads accepted in .png, .jpg, or .gif format only. No animated ads will be accepted.


  • $150/mo

Sponsorship Policy

  • MIDTESOL.org has the sole discretion for determining the types of sponsorship that will be accepted and displayed on our site. We retain the right to reject sponsorship that is contrary to our mission.
  • The appearance of any sponsorship at MIDTESOL.org is neither an endorsement of nor a guarantee for the product, service, or company (or the claims made in such sponsorship) by MIDTESOL.org.
  • All sponsors on the site will be clearly identified as sponsors and kept separate from editorial content.
  • MIDTESOL reserves the right to decline any application or listing as it deems appropriate, and to revoke approved sponsorship status at any time. If you have questions about your eligibility to advertise with us, please contact us.

Interested in sponsoring MIDTESOL.org?

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For more information, contact webmaster@midtesol.org.

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