Technology Workshop

ESL Frontiers: Using Technology to Enhance Instruction for English Learners

Presenters: Heather Parris-Fitzpatrick & Lisa Estrada

Lisa EstradaThis workshop will discuss the components of a digital age learning environment and the use of classroom technology tools as they relate specifically to the instructional needs of English Learners. Explore the “flipped” frontier and discover how “flipping” with digital media supports the unique language needs of English Learners through differentiated, project-based learning. Learn how to create at-home viewing assignments paired with in-class activities that will foster language development and self-directed learning. An overview of free online resources and tools for creating your own direct-instruction screencasts will be introduced.

Participants will:
1. Understand the basic components of the flipped classroom instructional model.
2. Learn how to create screencast tutorials that promote language development.
3. Create differentiated student assignments using video.
4. Design a flipped classroom lesson that incorporates project-based learning activities.

When: Friday, October 23 (time TBA)

Heather ParrisHeather Parris is the Program Coordinator for Digital Age Teaching and Education (Model Schools) at Nassau BOCES and has over 20 years of ESL teaching experience in K-12 and University settings. Heather Parris is an adjunct professor in the Molloy College Clinically-Rich Intensive Teacher Institute.

Lisa Estrada is the Supervisor of ESL and World Languages at Hicksville Public Schools and has over 25 years of ESL and Bilingual Education teaching experience in K–12 settings. Lisa Estrada is an adjunct professor in the Molloy College Clinically-Rich Intensive Teacher Institute.

Lisa Estrada and Heather Parris are Co-founders of Estrada & Parris LLC, an educational consultant group located in Long Island, New York. They provide professional development on instructional strategies and classroom technology integration for K-12 educators. They have extensive knowledge of NYS mandates & federal regulations for the education of ELLs. Their blog is dedicated to providing free instructional resources to teachers of English Learners (ELs). Follow them on Twitter @esltechies.

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