IEP Workshop

This panel presentation and discussion will focus on the extent to which Academic ESL Writing courses prepare undergraduate ESL students (particularly from China) for academic courses once they leave ESL.  We will consider preparedness beyond language and mechanics, and explore issues related to genre, style, and cultural assumptions in both reading and writing.  Participants will then work on ways to incorporate ideas into their class materials, curriculum or student learning outcomes.

Presenter: Tamar Bernfeld

When: Friday, October 23 (time TBA)

Tamar Bernfeld has been working with ESL students at the university level for 13 years.  She received her MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL certificate from the University of Pittsburgh.  She has taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, and the University of Iowa.  In addition to teaching ESL, she has taught English Composition and has worked as a Writing Center Consultant specializing in working with ESL writers.  One of her primary professional interests is creating ESL writing courses, curricula, and materials that continue to emphasize language and mechanics while also encouraging critical writing and thinking, as well as engagement with authentic texts.

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