Special Education Workshop

Distinguishing Special Education Needs from English Language Learning Development

Presenters: Dr. Joy Pedego Fairley & Dr. Mary E. McConnell

Research shows that English Language Learners are typically over-represented or under-represented in special education programs. It is important that we accurately identify students for appropriate services and placement. This session will explore processes and procedures that can be used when there is concern regarding whether the issue is a language learning difficulty or a disability. The presenters will share what to do prior to making a special education referral. The presenters will discuss how this is done through a collaborative team effort with ELL and general education teachers and parents.

When: Friday, October 24, 2:00-4:30PM

Dr. Joy Pedego Fairley has spent over thirty years as a teacher and Special Education Administrator in Kansas and Missouri. Dr. Fairley earned her B.S. in Elementary Education and M.S. Ed. in Learning Disabilities from the University of Central Missouri. She completed her Ph.D. in Special Education at the University of Kansas. Currently, Dr. Fairley serves as an improvement consultant for the Kansas City Regional Professional Development Center. She is an expert in the areas of school improvement, data teams, alternative assessment, and technology usage for students with special needs. She promotes social justice and is a committed advocate for all students.

Dr. Fairley has served as an adjunct professor in the School of Education at the University of Missouri–Kansas City for several years. Her most recent publication is Aitken, J. E., Fairley, J. P., & Carlson, J. K. (2011). Communication Technology for Students in Special Education Programs.

Dr. Mary E. McConnell has spent more than three decades working in the area of special education. Mary is a recognized expert in Response to Intervention (RtI), co-teaching, academic and behavior self-monitoring strategies for students, functional behavioral assessments, effective teaching practices for diverse learners, and effective classroom management strategies. Dr. McConnell is the author of three books, including Functional Assessment: A Systematic Process for Assessment and Intervention in General and Special Education Classroom, and has published several articles that address ways to work effectively with diverse groups of learners. Dr. McConnell has worked closely to support teachers and administrators in many areas and has a deep compassion and commitment to improving the learning outcomes for all students.

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