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Submission Deadline: Thursday, August 1, 2013

Please note

  • All proposals must be submitted through the electronic proposal submission form.
  • All communication about the proposal will be via email with the person listed as the primary presenter.
  • All presenters must be registered conference participants. If you are presenting as a group, each group member must register for the conference.
  • To register, go to our registration page.

Proposal Acceptance
Notification of acceptance will be sent to the primary presenter via email no later than September 2, 2013.

Media/Audio Visual Equipment
Each presentation room will be equipped with a computer, DVD player, screen, LCD projector and document reader. Internet access will also be available in each room, however, it is filtered for a middle school audience. If you have concerns about being able to access a particular website during your presentation, please email

Travel Awards
If your proposal is accepted, you will be eligible to apply for one of MIDTESOL’s travel awards. Information on how to apply will be included with the acceptance notifications to be sent out no later than September 2, 2013.

If you have questions, please email

To ensure efficient submission of your MIDTESOL proposal, it is recommended that you have the following information about your presentation ready to copy and paste into the electronic proposal submission form from another document. You can type directly into the form, but your information could be lost if you close the submission form webpage before you submit.

Please type all information pertaining to your presentation as it should appear in the conference program.

  • Title of Presentation (Titles should be limited to 9 words or less)
  • Presentation Abstract (Abstracts should be limited to 100 words or less)
  • Presentation Description (Descriptions should serve to inform the proposal selection committee of the aims and objectives of the presentation)
  • Length of Presentation (25 or 55 minutes)
  • Style of Presentation (New Research, Demonstration, Discussion, Other)
  • Intended Audience
    • Adult Education
    • Applied Linguistics
    • Bilingual Education
    • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
    • Elementary Education
    • English as a Foreign Language
    • English for Specific Purposes
    • Higher Education
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Intensive English Programs
    • International Teaching Assistants
    • Materials Writers
    • Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL
    • Program Administration
    • Refugee Concerns
    • Second Language Writing
    • Secondary Education
    • Social Responsibility
    • Speech, Pronunciation and Listening
    • Teacher Education
    • Video and Digital Media
  • Additional Questions
    • May we print your name, title, and affiliation in the conference program?
    • May we print your email address in the conference program?
    • Are you currently a student? If so, your proposal will be eligible for the 2013 MIDTESOL “Best Student Presentation” award.
    • Would you be willing to serve as a volunteer during the conference?

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