Call for Participants: Global Survey of English Language Teachers

Project Title: Do You Teach About American Culture? Dear Colleagues, My name is Bryan Meadows, and I am an associate professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Teaneck, USA). I am conducting a global survey of English language teachers. The survey is collecting information about how English language teachers in global settings teach about American culture to their students. Put another way, ... Read More »

Theory Informs Teaching

by Shaeley Santiago “Why do you put so much emphasis on the students answering in complete sentences?” I was once asked by a practicum student observing my class. As I hesitated to form my answer, I realized the reason was based on what I believe about language learning and my responsibilities as a teacher. These beliefs have been shaped by ... Read More »

English Language Learners and the New Standards Book Review

by Shaeley Santiago College- and career-ready standards in the K-12 world have raised the bar of expectations for English Language Learners (ELLs) and their teachers. English Language Learners and the New Standards by Heritage, Walqui, and Linquanti (2015) explores ten necessary shifts in instructional practice to provide support for ELLs to learn at accelerated rates. This review will focus on ... Read More »

Call for Proposals: TESOL 2017 Electronic Village & Technology Showcase

The TESOL CALL-IS is pleased to present the Call for Proposals for the Electronic Village and Technology Showcase at TESOL 2017.  Please re-post and re-share the following Call for Proposals to all interested parties: TESOL 2017 March 21-24, 2017 Seattle, Washington, USA Electronic Village Special Events: Call for Proposals Deadline for Submissions: November 15, 2016 You are invited to submit a proposal ... Read More »

Just Don’t Cloze Anymore?

By Arla Jones It’s free. It’s fun. And you can dance to it! Lyrics Training is my favorite new website for teaching English. There are so many features to the site that I made a short video to show what it can do (see below). There are music videos from every genre, including pop music, TV shows and children’s songs. ... Read More »

The Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL 2015

MIDTESOL is pleased to present The Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL 2015. This publication is a collection of twelve articles written by presenters who made their presentations at the MIDTESOL Annual Conference in Iowa City, IA, October 23-24, 2015. “The scholarly articles featured in this publication were written by classroom practitioners who are passionate about teaching adult as well as K-12 English ... Read More »

An Overview of the Every Student Succeeds Act – FREE WEBINAR

In December 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law, replacing the No Child Left Behind Act. ESSA brings sweeping policy changes to the K-12 arena that all educators should be aware of. With a primary focus on the changes to Title I and Title III, this webinar will provide a broad overview of the law ... Read More »

Community Adult ESL Recruitment and Retention

by Zachary Smith With the rising numbers of migrant and immigrant families joining our communities, states are increasing funding for community ELL courses. Initially, this is viewed as a positive way to spend state funding. However, there are facts that can make recruiting members of these populations difficult, and once the classes are full, many other factors lead to issues ... Read More »

Supporting English Learners With Close Reading – FREE WEBINAR

Please join experts from the Center for English Language Learners at American Institutes for Research (AIR) to learn more about how teachers can provide instruction to help English learners (ELs) master core content in English language arts. This series of three 1-hour webinars features an approach called Attaining Core Content for English Language Learners (ACCELL), developed by Dr. Diane August ... Read More »

Facing Formal Academic Speaking Tasks with Growing Comfort

by Ziyun Chen I took my first public speaking class in English four years ago. On the first day, the instructor gave us his requirement – to give presentations without notes in hand. I remember how stressed everyone was with fear and anxiety about forgetting lines. Our instructor expected us to prepare a draft and warned us to revise our ... Read More »