Distinguished Service Award

MIDTESOL wishes to celebrate extraordinary service to our organization. The Distinguished Service (formerly “Pat-on- the-Back”) Award honors an individual’s dedication to and leadership in MIDTESOL. The selected recipient will be awarded a life-time membership and recognition at the next MIDTESOL Conference.

Nominations may be made only by organizational members of MIDTESOL. No current member of the MIDTESOL Board is eligible for nomination. Include the following items in the nominating dossier (combined into one continuous document arranged in the order listed below):

a. A nominating letter explaining your rationale for the choice of this individual, verifying, too, that s/he meets the eligibility requirement;
b. An up-to- date curriculum vitae of the candidate; and
c. An account of any MIDTESOL Distinguished Service Awards received (on the part of the nominee) in the past.

Submit nominating dossier to Denise C. Mussman (denise@umsl.edu), MIDTESOL Awards Chair, by September 2, 2016. The subject line of your email should read “2016 MIDTESOL: Distinguished Service Award”.

You will receive confirmation from the Awards Chair that your submission has been received. Neither incomplete dossiers nor self-nominations will be considered.

Nominations will be judged on the individual’s service to and participation in the profession at the regional (i.e., MIDTESOL) level as detailed in the candidate’s nominating letter and CV.

All other criteria being equal, preference will be given to the applicant has never before received a MIDTESOL Distinguished Service Award. Decisions made by reviewers are final.


The recipient will be announced at the lunch on Saturday, October 1, and in the ensuing issue of MIDTESOL Matters. For further information, email the Awards Chair at denise@umsl.edu.

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