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MIDTESOL Matters Fall 2017 Published

The Fall 2017 issue of MIDTESOL Matters, our affiliate newsletter, is now available. This issue includes: New Advocacy & Leadership page Articles, tips and tricks from MIDTESOL 2017 Top Posts in TESOL State Updates Click here to download your PDF copy. For back issues of MIDTESOL Matters, click here.   Read More »

Trans-Siberian Railway English Language Programs Tour & Outreach

Crystal Bock Thiessen, an ESL instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, participated as a U.S. State Department English Language Specialist in a nine-city Trans-Siberian railroad tour across two continents and seven time zones, June 9-28, 2017, in Russia. She was accompanied by the Regional English Language Officer (ELO) in Moscow, Jerrold Frank. The tour kicked off in Moscow and made ... Read More »

Halloween Teaching Tip for the ESL Classroom

by Denise Mussman On Halloween in St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest, kids have to tell a joke to get candy when they go trick or treating. I compiled grade school jokes my students could understand and had them go trick or treating. Our administrative building has candy in the offices on Halloween, so my students went and ... Read More »

Call for Submissions and Reviewers: MIDTESOL Journal 2017

Dear English Language Teaching Professionals, We would like to encourage you to submit a manuscript to our annual publication, MIDTESOL Journal, which was The Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL for the past six years. Below you will find information regarding MIDTESOL Journal and the submission procedures. This is a wonderful opportunity to publish your work in a peer-reviewed publication. We hope ... Read More »

The Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL 2016

MIDTESOL is pleased to present The Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL 2016. This publication is a collection of 11 articles written by presenters who made their presentations at the MIDTESOL Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO, September 30-October 1, 2016. “The scholarly articles featured in this publication were written by classroom practitioners who are passionate about teaching adult as well as K-12 ... Read More »

Iowa State University Annual Technology for Second Language Learning Conference

September 22-23, 2017 Iowa State University, Ames, IA Crossing Boundaries: The Geographical and Intellectual Diffusion of Technology for Language Learning Technology serves as a bridge that crosses historically constructed boundaries between second language teaching and other disciplines. It has created an unprecedented level of interconnection between language learning researchers and language teaching classrooms. It also provides the affordances to connect language teachers ... Read More »

Classroom Community Builders Book Review

by Jan McClellan Classroom Community Builders – Activities for the First Day & Beyond by Walton Burns is full of differentiated games to include every student within your classroom. These games are easily adaptable to newcomers and mainstream ELLs as well as native or proficient English speakers. This book can instantly be implemented into your classroom. Every activity comes with ... Read More »

Eight Lessons Learned from the 2017 TESOL Advocacy Summit

by Adrienne Johnson How do you advocate for your English language learners? Maybe you speak up at your school or organization when decision makers have not considered the impacts of rules or practices on your language learners. Perhaps you have created a program in the community that meets an unfilled need for ELL parents or adult learners. It is possible ... Read More »

MIDTESOL Matters Summer 2017 Issue Published

The Summer 2017 issue of MIDTESOL Matters, our affiliate newsletter, is now available. This issue includes: MIDTESOL 2017 Conference Details MIDTESOL Member Profiles ESL Student Essay Winners Top Posts in TESOL State Updates Click here to download your PDF copy. For back issues of MIDTESOL Matters, click here. Read More »

2017 Student Essay Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to our ESL student essay award winners! The first place essays from each category will be published in the Summer 2017 edition of MIDTESOL Matters. Best ESL Student Essay Award 1st place – Richard Yampanya 2nd place – Huilin Mao 3rd place – Di Zu All three are students at the University of Missouri. Their sponsoring teacher is Ms. ... Read More »